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Naas Youth Project


What are we about? 

Naas Youth Project is a community-based project that provides a range

 of development and learning opportunities and services for young people in Naas. They are provided for and with young people, their families and communities to be responsive to their changing needs. 

We use a Youth Work approach working with Young People aged 11 – 25 years in recreational and educational programmes in a group setting.

                                                        What do we do?       

    We run programmes such as:   


We also provide one to one support for various issues coming up for young people involved in the                 project. 

Pre-Stepping Stones Group -  Naas Youth Project currently run a Pre-stepping stones, where young people in 5th and 6th class can get support with home work, play games, meet other young people in a safe space.
The group enjoy playing pool, board games, x-Box and 
Karaoke, the  groups enjoy cookery and regularly create some good dishes to eat at drop in. 

Image result for marshmallow cakes         


The "not so Little Rascals" group entered the Show Racism the red card" competition and received an award for their creativity. the art piece above is currently on display in the Local sports centre. great work carried out b y the group. 

see their video also on you tube,

Brilliant work. 

Junior Leadership- Junior Leadership Training Programme is to provide Young People aged between 15 and 17  years old with the skills necessary to be effective volunteer leaders.  In conjunction with this, the purpose of the Junior Leadership 
Training Programme is to target these young people  and raise awareness around positive community involvement and give the young people an feel for Youth Work and the some experience of the purpose of this. Trainee’s in the group are given the opportunity to develop their social and personal development while giving worthwhile experience and a reference to those who might want to work with young people in the future.  It also serves as providing the various summer fun camps with first-class Junior Leaders.

Watch out for the 2017 Junior leadership training information or contact Joyce Brennan  087- 050 7053 or Tina O Sullivan on  083 174 7774 for more information. 

Naas Summer Fun Camps.-   Naas Youth Project run Naas summer fun camps in July, the camps are aged 10-12 years old, at the camps young people experience activities like Art, Dance, music, games, sports with trips to swimming and bowling and a end of camp adventure trip. young people are encourages to join a weekly group with Naas Youth Project.

Comhairle Na nOg-    Comhairle na nÓg are child and youth councils in the 34 local authorities of the country, which give children and young people the opportunity to be involved in the development of local services and policies.
In Co Kildare Comhairle na Nog Project  managed by Kildare youth services, each youth project in Kildare run a local Comhairle. 
Kildare also have a county panel made up of members from across the county who are elected at the Kildare Comhairle na nOg A.G.M., this happen in October every year and all schools and clubs in the county are invited to send forward representatives to attend the A.G.M.
At the AGM, the young people pick the topics of most importance to them then the county panel members work on this for the coming year. 

Local Comhairle
-  Local Comhairle are made up of representatives from the local areas and from the remaining young people who attend the A.G.M. 

In 2014 the Kildare Comhairle County Panel worked on a positive mental health promotion focused around peer support for each other in schools,clubs and every day life.  the group designed a poster , wrist bands and pens to support their campaign.  the campaign was called "Give 5 minutes" . 

In 2013 the Naas Local Comhairle group worked along side Youth Work Ireland on a project called "Glow" where the group completed the project with a photo shoot on Dolly-mount strand with the Voice of Ireland Winner Pat Byrne. 

The Naas Youth Project Team

Joyce Brennan   

Naas & Clane Team Leader - 

087 050 7053

[email protected]  

Tina O Sullivan    

Naas Senior Youth Worker 

083 174 7774

[email protected]

                                                                    Office Phone : 045  856969