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FAIM Project

Who are FAIM

FAIM, the Family Assessment and Intervention Model is a partnership model between Kildare Youth Services (KYS) and Tusla, Child and Family Agency in Kildare West Wicklow (KWW). It is based on the DRM (Differential Response Model) which is in operation in Tusla, the Child and Family Agency in Dublin North with its partner agency The Daughters of Charity. The FAIM model was developed in KWW in 2013 as it was identified that there were very long waiting lists for families in the area and there is an acknowledgement that the level of response required by a family needs to be in accordance with the level of risk. 
The aim of the FAIM model is to provide children and families in need of intervention and support with the most appropriate services as quickly and as close to the point of contact as possible. 

What we do
FAIM work with families who have been referred to the Social Work Department due to low to medium child welfare concerns and reside in the Kildare/ West Wicklow area. 
When a referral is made to the Social Work Department due to concerns and information coming to the attention of a service provider, professional or member of the public, Preliminary inquiries are undertaken by the Social Work Department to determine the level of risk relating to the concerns. If the case meets a low-medium welfare threshold it is appropriate for the case to be referred to the FAIM project. The FAIM Project then carry out a welfare assessment with the whole family and make recommendations as to what needs to happen next for this family. In most cases the family will be offered some supports from FAIM, these supports are called interventions

What type of interventions we offer

  •  Onward Referral to appropriate services for example other KYS groups or projects or external agencies. 
  •  Parenting support
  •  NVR Group 
  •  Parenting when Separated group 
  •  Strategy Meeting with professionals and the family
  •  Information and advice
  •  Housing support
  •  Behavior management
  •  Assistance with grant applications
  •  Domestic Violence supports/information regarding appropriate services
  •  Bereavement work
  •  Communication work 
  •  Self Esteem building 

How to contact FAIM

All referrals to FAIM are made by contacting Tusla, the Child & Family Agency, St. Mary's, Craddockstown Road, Naas, County Kildare.TUSLA can be contacted on 045-920000

FAIM can be contacted by phoning 045-898623 / [email protected] or Sandra Byrne FAIM Coordinator, Unit 39, First Floor, Naas Town Centre, Dublin Road, Naas, County Kildare.