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Curragh/ Newbridge Garda Youth Diversion


Garda Youth Diversion Projects are part supported by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

The Curragh/Newbridge Garda Youth Diversion Project is a community based project that supports young people to divert young people from crime or anti social behaviour. The project works with young people aged between 12-18 years, who have been in trouble with the law or are at risk of engaging in criminal activity. The Project was established in late 2008.

What does the Project Do?

Garda Youth Diversion Projects are community based; multi-agency crime prevention initiatives which seek to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour by providing suitable activities to facilitate personal, positive, social and personal development, civic responsibility and long term employability prospects.

Being Involved
Young people are referred to the project in consultation with parents, schools, community  representatives, local Gardaí, Garda Juvenile Liaison Officers and other agencies in the area. Young people who participate in the project do so voluntarily.

Services Offered

One to One Work aims to facilitate the young person to engage with and take responsibility for their own personal and social development.
Group Work is a form of cooperative learning where young people are facilitated to help each other develop knowledge, attitudes and life skills that give them
insight into criminal and anti social behaviour and support them to make positive life choices.

10, Charlotte St

Education/Awareness Programmes is provided to young people on issues such as
Personal Development
Life Skills
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Copping On Programmes which explore that impact of crime and anti social behaviour on themselves and their community.

Limited Family support work  offers information and support to families (in conjunction with the young person)

Who do we Work With?

The role of the community and other locally based agencies as partners is vital
in the implementation and delivery of the projects.

The Project Committee is made up of representatives in the community, An
Garda Siochana, Young Person Probation, Education and Welfare Officer and Kildare Youth Services. There role is to advise, approve,
monitor and evaluate the project.

The Referral Committee is made up of the Juvenile Liaison Officer, Education
and Welfare Officer and staff of the project. There role is
to consider who is suitable for inclusion in a Garda Youth Diversion Project.

Agencies we network with include:
• An Garda Síochana
• National Education Welfare Board
• Schools Completion Programme (Newbridge and the Curragh)
• Primary and post primary schools
• FÁS Youth Training and Development Centre in Newbridge
• Probation Services
• Newbridge Family Resource Centre
• KYS Counselling Services
• Halo


Volunteer/Student Placements

Volunteers are of vital importance to the project and are involved in all aspects
of the work. The project recruit, train and support volunteer youth leaders as
well as facilitate student placements.

If you want to find out more about becoming involved with the project please
contact us on the details below.


We are located in the Centre of Newbridge Town, in Unit 10, Charlotte Mall, Newbridge.

Contact Us

Edel Fitzsimons                                                         Ciara Kinsella 
Senior Youth Justice Worker                                     Youth Justice Worker
Ph: 045 435672                                                         Ph: 045-435672
Mobile: 087 9217962/085 1838875                           Mobile: 087 4752913
Email: [email protected]                                   Email: c[email protected]

The project is managed and operated by Kildare Youth Services and funded by
the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform (IJYS) and the European
Social Fund.