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Athy Youth Project

9 Priory Court,
Convent Lane, 
R14 V086.  

What we do

In essence we support young people to build their capacity in order to reach their full potential through working on informal educational programmes.  These programmes provide challenges which can give them valuable life experience in a safe supportive and fun environment.

These programs can address or explore any aspect of their lives or society and can be run through a variety of activities, tools and interactions


And as part of these programmes a cyclical planning, completion and evaluation enables young people to identify learning from the programme and influence their future planning.  Young People are involved at every step of this process.  They decide what they want to with staff, they participate,attend and then evaluate on how they feel the experience was  and offer recommendations for future sessions.

Summer program 2015

 Our summer program is free and open to the following age groups, 10-14,14-16 and 16-18.
The program is a way of other young people in the Athy getting involved in the project.
Application forms can be picked up at the project (mon-fri) or youth cafe (Tues 5-7pm and Friday 2-4pm)
Or emailed if you call 087-0518201.

How we do it


     As a voluntary youth led project the activities are very much led by the groups. However as issues or themes arise through regular contact we can tailor aspects of a program to meet those needs through another vehicle.

For example young people can address their need or challenge themselves through programs designed to encourage them to be responsible for their own actions and be self directed in their own goals.

This could take the form of an existing informal education program addressing a need such as drug or sexual health awareness or alternatively managing peer relationships through a 6 week community art course.

As we base our work on the long term relationships much or the informal experiential learning we facilitate depends on the trust we have established with young people.

In order to successfully run these programmes we have improved the co-operation and communication within the town between ourselves and local agencies and schools.

The projects’ main methods are personal and social development through group work linked with promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities, and empowering young people to advocate for those rights.

The programmes we run must have an element of challenge within them in order for participants to learn from experience and to apply that learning.

Whether it’s organising a concert, fund-raising or an outdoor expedition, we aim to involve the young people in every aspect of the process; if possible, the young people lead up the entire programme supported by staff

Over the last 5 years we also have improved the representation of young people ideas and issues at a local statutory level within the Comhairle framework.

This has prompted the council to transfer the running of the youth café to the young people supported by the project.

The young people also are involved in the direction of the project and have a lead role in the Athy youth café which is part of Athy youth project.
This working relationship with Kildare county council has lead to Kildare youth services developing Athy Skatepark with Kildare county council.