KYS Governance


The Kildare Youth Services Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the Company’s affairs in the context of the organisations Strategic Priorities agreed from time to time. Board Members are expected to participate fully in the Board’s joint deliberations and to accept the legal responsibility and duty to act bona fide in the interest of the organisation as a whole.


Kildare Youth Services host an annual AGM each year where all members can nominate and vote on the election of Board members across the following electoral colleges: Youth Projects (3); Therapeutic Projects (2); Youth Clubs (5); Young People (2) with up to 6 co-option positions also available.


The Board of Directors will appoint a Chairperson, Treasurer and Company Secretary following the annual general meeting (AGM) if a vacancy exists for any of those positions. Other directors may take on roles and participate in committees as appropriate to the organisation’s needs such as staff, project and fundraising committees.


Board members once elected operate as independent directors of the company, in the best interests of the company. They do not act in representative roles of the club/project they were nominated by. The Board meets on a monthly basis with additional induction and development days each year. Kildare Youth Services Board members are volunteers and donate freely of their time, skills and experience. There are set terms of office for the Board of Directors and the officer positions (Chairperson, Treasurer and Company Secretary) of up to two terms of three years.


Board members sign up to our Governance Policy & Procedures which outlines our commitment to good governance practices, the roles and responsibilities of Board Members and contains within it a clear Code of Conduct which Board members are expected to sign up to abide by. The full Kildare Youth Services Governance Policy & Procedures is available on request.


Charities Regulator Charities Governance Code


This Code was launched in 2018 and contains the following: 

  • six principles of governance which all charities should apply;
  • core standards that we expect all charities to meet when putting the principles into action; and
  • additional standards that reflect best practice for charities with high levels of income and/or complex organisational and funding structures and/or significant numbers of employees.

The Code aims to make sure that organisations are run responsibly and that they are rewarded for

Kildare Youth Services is committed to the six principles of Governance named in the Code and the core standards charities are expected to meet when putting the principles into action.  

The six principles are:

Principle 1: Advancing Charitable Purpose

Principle 2; Behaving with Integrity

Principle 3: Leading People

Principle 4: Exercising Control

Principle 5: Working Effectively

Principle 6: Being Accountable and Transparent

Kildare Youth Services will submit itself for full compliance with the Code in 2020, which is the first year that charities are expected to be compliant with the Code.