Kildare Youth Services recognises that children, young people, their families and communities choose to engage in and participate with the services and the opportunities it provides. KYS actively promotes voluntary work and recognises the important role and valuable contribution of unpaid (voluntary) youth and adult leaders and committee members to the work of the organisation.

KYS is a voluntary organisation that encourages active volunteerism. The organisation needs the participation of volunteers in order to maintain the high standard and level of service we provide across County Kildare.

Kildare Youth Services provides a broad range of services with and for, children, young people, their families and communities. As a result there are always a variety of volunteering opportunities within the organisation. 

Some typical volunteering opportunities include:
  • Junior leader within a youth club or youth project
  • Adult leader within a youth club or youth project
(Click on the Projects tab above to get a taste of the range of work each project is engaged in with young people)
  • Tutor / Mentor within the Pathways Project (an early school leaving intervention)
  • Counsellor / Psychotherapist within the Youth Counselling Service
  • Skill-based volunteers engaged in short-term programmes and/or activities e.g. Art; Drama; Sport etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with Kildare Youth Services please follow the link below and fill out our application form.

Below is a link to our Volunteering Policy last updated October 2009