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Youth Information Service

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Ways to Contact Us!

Phone: 045 898334 
or Drop in......

YIC Opening Times

Drop in Service Monday to Wednesday 11am to 6pm

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(YIC stands for Youth Information Centre)

Kildare Youth Services works with local communities to deliver quality services with and for young people.

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What We Do!
Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service provide a free & confidential information service to young people, and those who work with them. Catering for 12 - 25 year of age. Serving County Kildare and West Wicklow.

The Youth Information Service is non-judgemental and free from discrimination.

Are you an early school leaver, out of school looking for a course or help finding a job, want to know your rights or entitlements. Or if you have any question, need help, support or have any issues that you may be struggling with the YIC is the place to come. 

You can drop-in and use the computers & internet access in a safe youth space, supported and supervised by trained staff. 

Offering One to One mentoring based on your needs, including CV prep and interview skills 

Youth Information supports young people by offering personal and social development education and life skills programmes tailored to individual and group needs.

The YIC works closely with other specialised organisations and services and will refer young people when necessary to meet their need or solve their problem.

Our Vision: “Young people will have the ability, skill and confidence to use and apply information to become active citizens and to fully participate in society. This process will empower young people to challenge inequality, to advocate for change and build a more democratic, inclusive and prosperous society.”

Rational: In this age of ‘information saturation’ young people are constantly bombarded with information, they need more than ever to be supported to navigate their way.  In an ever changing society youth information helps young people to identify and develop their own resources, skills and strategies enabling them to take their own actions and make their own informed decisions.

Aims & Objectives:                            

  • To provide a free & confidential information service, that is non-judgemental and free from discrimination to meet the needs of children, young people and their family and those who work with them.
  • The YIC is an educational process, through adapting a personalised approach help young people interpret and disseminate information so that they can apply it to their own particular needs and translate it into effective action, empowering young people to make positive life choices. 
  • The YIC support the personal and social development of young people involved and promote the values of equality, social inclusion and respect for all.
  • It is carried out through the provision of a person-centred service, based on the needs of young people.
  • The YIC operates as an integrated part of locally based youth services.


  • Pick up a leaflet
  • Check the notice board for local & national information, local jobs &      accommodation
  • Read local newspapers or magazines including GCN (gay community news)
  • Pick up application forms e.g.  passport application, driving licence, social welfare forms, HSE medical card applications, European Health Insurance Card application form
  • Employment Rights
  • Listing of local employment agencies


  • Finding a course
  • Education
  • Getting a job
  • Travelling at home or abroad
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Personal and family issues
  • Money matters
  • Voluntary work
  • Health and social services
  • Your rights and entitlements
  • And much more……


Computer & Internet Access:

 Free Computer & internet access for students and unemployed                young people aged 12 to 25 year.

In order to access the YIC public computers and Internet Access you are required to complete the KYS Acceptable Use Policy. Young people under the age of 16 years require parental consent.

The DRIVER THEORY TEST PRACTICE CD ROM is available to use in the centre

NEW Create I.T Hub

Use the latest gamming computers and Apple Mac's

Interested in learning digital media skills. Drop into the centre for details


    • Only young people over the age of 13 years can access social networking (in-line with social networking membership requirements) 
    • Parental consent is required if under the age of 16
    • You are required to complete the internet safety quiz in-order to access social media sites and games

Free printing service for young people aged 12 to 25 years,                   if school or work related

Free CV advice and typing service for young people under 25 years of age, if student or employed

If your 25 or under why not contact the Naas YIC where staff can help you compile your CV, your cover letter and give job hunting tips and advice.

One to One Mentoring Service 

Contact the centre if you would like individual help or support with anything you may be struggling with

CV Preparation and Interview Skills Mentoring

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Services have developed a practical skills youth programme which helps young people develop the skills necessary in CV Preparation and Interview Skills to help improve their chances in securing, summer, part-time or full-time work.

Why not drop into the centre or contact KYS Youth Information Service at Canal Stores, Basin Street, Naas, Co. Kildare. Phone: 045 898334 or email [email protected]

Additional Services:


      Information staff are available to speak at schools, youth clubs and community events.

      Provide information stands at schools, local and national youth events.

Youth Information Service Recent Programmes and Workshops

Information, Education and Skilled Based Programmes

          Internet Safety Initiatives

  • Internet Safety Programmes, quiz, walking debate and cyberbullying workshops
  • Driver Theory Test Programme
  • Everyone is Employable Workshop
  • UPS Road Code Programme
  • European Youth Information Workshops


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Youth Work Ireland and Youth Informaion are partners with spunout

Youth Information work with spunout by supporting online youth informaiton with skilled youth Informaiton staff who provide face to face information and support. 

You can access Youth Info from the spunout website by completing the need more information section, which you will find at the end of most ariticles

The Youth Info are Printerless Agents for Student Leap Card 

Get the new pink student leap card for 2018/2019

For Full-time Student in Second & Third Level Full-time Studies and Training Courses including Vtos and PLC


  • Secure Student ID for discounted
  • Travel on Irish Rail
  • Dublin Bus
  • Luas
  • Bus Eireann
  • GAA Student  discounted entry to matches  
The card is not an ID Card, your date of birth does not appear on the card.

Applications forms are available in the YIC and downloadable from

The cost of the card is €10  (no need to provide a passport photo)

Third level students are required to have proof of being a full-time student. (including PLC’s and FAS courses).

The card is also available to second level students. Application forms need to be signed and stamped by your school.
You will receive your card directly by post in four to five postal days

Please visit for further information. 

Euro Desk

The Youth Information Service are a Eurodesk Relay Centre

About Eurodesk

Eurodesk provides free information on opportunities-such as travelling, working, studying and volunteering in Europe--for young people aged 13 - 30. You can check out any of the sections that you're interested in (for example volunteering) but if there is information that you can't find there, get in contact with us or your local Eurodesk relay, and we'll be glad to help.

We are also part of a large network of European Eurodesk relays, with over 1,200 offices throughout Europe, with headquarters in Brussels. 

Whatever the question, start with us!

 What can Eurodesk do for you?

Eurodesk provides access to European Youth Information On:


Annual Events October

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 Time to Move is a collection of events for young people organised during October. These activities will introduce you to the hundreds of possibilities through which you can go abroad and take part in an international project, explore Europe or gain experience you need for your future. All the activities are run by Eurodesk information experts, always ready to have a discussion and help you find the international project most suitable for your needs. Volunteering in another country for a few months? School exchange for a semester? Internships abroad? We have you covered.

European Youth Week April/May

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Every second year, the European Youth Week aims to celebrate and promote youth activities through events organised in all countries participating in Erasmus+ programme.



Youth Information Service


The Youth Information Service will be closed the week starting 
19th August and reopen on the 26th of August 2019
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Student Leap Card


The Student Leap Card is the national student travel and discount card.
The card saves students money on public transport services as well as selected retail brand partners.

The Youth Information Service are printerless agents for Student Leap Card

September marks the New Issue of Student Leap Card 2019/2020

Remind students they are eligible for the card, if the are attending secondary, plc, vtos or third level full-time education. For more details visit

The new Student Leap Card will be available to students from September 2nd 2019

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Are you Studying Social Care or Community & Youth Work?

Are you looking for a placement in 2019/2020

Kildare Youth Services provide opportunities for student’s placement in the Youth Information Service.

If you are interested in a placement in the Youth Work Sector

please e-mail Ger Cronin Youth Information Co-ordinator at [email protected] please include your CV and placement requirement and dates.


 Get ready for the European Youth Week 2019 👏 🎉bringing together 🤝 young Europeans under the theme 'Democracy and Me'! Join the fun at Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Centre

European Youth Week 29th April to 5th May

Local Events include:

  • EU Treasure Hunt
  • A Taste of Europe &
  • "European U" EU Workshop and Mock Polling Station

Create a learning environment where young people learn about the EU and the European Election.

Informing young people of the opportunities open to them in Europe such as; volunteering, working or studying.

The importance of Democracy. Encouraging young people to register to vote and use their vote in the upcoming European Elections

& Experience what it’s like to vote in the mock polling station

What is European Youth Week?

The European Youth Week, the European Commission biannual event dedicated to young people, has been providing (since 2003) young people with the chance to get involved in EU politics by sharing their opinions and discovering the different learning opportunities offered to them by European Programmes.

This year the European Youth Week is taking place from 29 April to 5 May all across Europe. Connected to the European Parliament Elections, taking place on the 24th of May 2019, the theme for the European youth week for this year will be “Democracy and me”.


Events and activities, running in all the 33 participating countries under the coordination of the National Agencies for Youth, will focus on the participation of young people in the decision-making process for policies that affect everyone. Voting in elections (formal democracy), either national or European, is the most important expression of democratic participation, but not the only one.

What happens between elections is equally important for a democracy to thrive: getting engaged in voluntary work, talking to policy-makers, protesting in front of a government building or boycotting something (democracy by ‘doing’). And access to new forms of communication goes hand in hand with new forms of sharing opinions in the democratic arena.

European Youth Week  29th April to 5th May 2019)

We ask young people 13 to 30 to take the survey and share with others. The survey closes on the 25th March 2019  

The Eurodesk Ireland Network are planning activities both nationally and locally and would like young people to have the opportunity to give their input on what interest them in relation to the EU.

We have created a survey that gives young people that opportunity.

The survey results will help us develop the kind of activities and information we provide during European Youth week.

What is European Youth Week 2019

Every second year, the European Youth Week aims to celebrate and promote youth activities through events organised in all countries participating in Erasmus+ programme.

The theme this year is “Democracy and me”. Where we will explore the way young people can influence decision and be active in society.

Local Activities Taking Place

The Youth Information Service are planning to deliver a EU workshop to Youthreach students. The workshop will focus on the upcoming European elections on 24th of May and EU Opportunities for young people.

With the hope of informing and educating young people on the EU and the importance of your vote which can influence decisions that influence their life!. Following this we will hold a Mock Polling Station, with mock candidates, where young people can make informed choices in relation to their vote.

The Youth Information Service will become a European Youth Week Information Hub. With activities that include; EU Treasure Hunt and a Taste of Europe.

All are welcome to drop-in and find out more

Where to Read More?

For updates on European Youth Week check out the following resources:

• Official European Youth Week Page

• On social media at Léargas

• On social media at #democracyandme and #youthweek


Internet Safety Day 5th February 2019. This day marked the start of the Youth Information Internet Safety Month

The Youth Information Service have an important role in education young people on the safe use of the internet.

We all can play a role in keeping young people safe online, including young people themselves. Education is a key part of the solution in supporting young people to be safe online. The YIC have lots of resources that include, internet safety programme, quiz, walking debate and cyberbullying workshops.

Please contact the Youth Information Service for more information

We developed a online kahoot internet safety quiz, which  made learning how to be safer online more fun.

We also created a internet safety round table survey. Where young people were invited to answer four question.

  1. Do you think the internet has a negative impact on your mental health?

  2. Do you feel safe online?

  3. How long do you spend online each day?

  4. If something online worried you or someone made you feel uncomfortable would you tell someone?

Useful links to internet safety resources online


2018 Highlights

Eurodesk Information Network launches Time to Move Campaign

There are many opportunities in Europe for young people from Ireland, especially those with fewer opportunities such as unemployed young people and early school leavers. Working, studying, training or volunteering in Europe can be especially beneficial to young people struggling to find their place in society. But often this information doesn’t reach the people who need it most. The Time to Move campaign from Eurodesk, the Europe-wide information network for young people,aims to put this right.   

Time to Move will run across Europe in October. It will inform young people and those who work with them about opportunities to work, study, train and volunteer in Europe. The campaign also provides useful local contacts in the areas of Youth and European


Hundreds of activities await participants in many European countries, including Ireland. All are free and listed by area on the TimeToMove website. The

Eurodesk Ireland Network in cooperation with the National Centre for Guidance in Education will hold five regional Time to Move events:

·         Sligo (2 October)

·         Dublin (3 October)

·         Limerick Junction (9 October)

·         Killarney (10 October)

·         Ballinasloe (16 October).

These events are for youth information workers and managers, adult education guidance counsellors and guidance information officers, Youthreach advocates, mediators and other organisations working with young people and adults. There will be information on opportunities for young people in Europe like Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, and discussion of how to support future workers, trainees, students and volunteers in cooperation with relevant local organisations.

The Dublin Time to Move Regional event are facilitating a “Is Europe Open to You”? workshop. The workshop aims to open up the discussion on the barriers or challenges experienced in informing young people about opportunities open to them in Europe and discussing ways we can work together in overcome these barriers or challenges.

More about Eurodesk: More than 1,200 youth

professionals work with Eurodesk in Europe to raise awareness among young people about mobility opportunities and to encourage them to become active citizens. As a support organisation to the EU education and training programme Erasmus+, Eurodesk provides comprehensive and accessible information on learning mobility to those who work with young people. Eurodesk youth information workers always make sure that the information they channel is relevant and timely.  

Locally the Youth Information Service are celebrating "Time to Move" Event by hosting the "Time to Move" Information Month.

  • This will consist of displays and information on EU Opportunities such as’ studying, volunteering and working in Europe.
  • Test your knowledge and take part in the EU quiz, watch videos that may inspire you and complete the Time to Move questionnaires.
  • Drop in and be a part of it!  1st to the 31st of October
  • Monday to Wednesday 11am to 6pm each week.

All are welcome!

 For more information

contact your local information Service: Ger Cronin Youth Information Service


National Contact: Malgorzata Fiedot-Davies, Eurodesk Ireland Coordinator,  [email protected]  or 01 8871210 / 01 8871250 /

The Leinster Regional 'Time to Move' 2018 was held in DDLETB Training Centre Tallaght

Ger Cronin Representing Youth Information Kildare Youth Services Kildare & West Wickllow & Julie Kellehar Crosscare Dublin

The event was a lively and purposeful information sharing and networking event. This was an excellent collaborative effort between Youth Information Services, Blanchardstown Librarian Siobhan Walshe, NCGE and Eurodesk.

The event empowered educators and other professionals by raising awareness and informing them of the opportunities open to young people in Europe. Participants become multipliers, knowing where to refer young people to for information and support. The participants were empowered to come up with the solutions to their own barriers and fears. The structure ensured they made contact with local links to European Information where collaborative work can continue.

Some feedback from participants of the event:

  • “It was good to hear from the Youth Information Service and I will be following up with this connection”

  • “I identified some local contacts and will ensure I continue the contact locally”

  • “It was fun and fast moving”

  • “The workshops were excellent”

Message from Malgorzata Eurodesk Ireland Coordinator

I just wanted to thank you very much for the fantastic TTM event you organised and run in Tallaght Training Centre. I think it was a brilliant day with very good dynamics and a very good and innovative format. I think the workshop idea and implementation was very engaging, all inputs were very relevant and interesting and the networking part was very good – I would hope that following this there is going to be a very good follow-up at a local level.


Driver Theory Test Programme     

It has been non-stop going for the YIC since early September and are now completing work a head of a deserved Christmas break.  We are in the process of completing the 2018 Driver Theory Test Programme. The group meet once a week each Tuesday from 11am to 4pm. All nine young people have their tests booked. So it all pressure on to pass their tests in December and January. We varied the learning with talks from Gary Cogan, Community Garda, Ronan Manon, Garda Traffic Corps and Naas Tyres and Autocare - with a workshop on car and road safety, relevant to the driver theory test. They are a great bunch of young people and we ensured they had plenty of down time during lunch breaks.



Work Experience Students

October is that time of year where we have lots of Transition Year student looking for work experience places with us. We were able to take on three student who worked with us over October and November. They had quite the project, they were asked to create a step by step guide to using photoshop. They all did a great job and completed two guides. One on how to use the basic tools of photoshop to create Mr. Potato Man. The other is to create an image that and become a stencil. Using the guides the students teach young people how to use photoshop. We expect lots of creative work using IT skills in 2019.




  Youth Information Symposium hosted by Youth Work Ireland      and Eurodesk Ireland

     Common international event of EurodeskERYICA and EYCA. Organised and       hosted by Youth Work Ireland and Eurodesk. The Youth Information                      Symposium took place on the 7th of November 2018. The event promoted           and evidenced the value of European and national youth information services for young people in the context of Eurodesk and youth information services’ role in the implementation of the EU youth strategy.


Youth Information is a rapidly evolving, dynamic and needed area of youth provision that young people have a right to within European Policy. There are new programmes, knowledge, service provision initiatives and policy changes which are of common interest to all stakeholders. The event provided an opportunity for networking, learning and development of common understanding of the evolving challenges and opportunities in youth information.


This event aimed to raise awareness of the value of youth information for young people and develop a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities for youth information in Ireland. On the day we presented a vision for the future of youth information and communicated the need for and value of youth information in Ireland and Europe.

Speakers included: Minister David Stanton, TD Department of Justice & Equality, with responsibility for Youth Justice Policy, Dr. Patrick Burke, CEO YWI, Jim Mullins, Executive Director, Leargas, Professor Maurice Devlin, Maynooth University, Audrey Frith, Eurodesk, Eva Reina, ERYICA, Manuel Sanchez Garcia, EYCA, Ian Power, Spunout, Nicole Murtagh, Crosscare and Mary Cunningham, NYCI.


The Minister was presented with an Irish Version of the European Youth Information Charter

Eurodesk European Youth Information Survey

I would be very grateful if you could promote this Eurodesk European youth information survey for young people between 13 and 35 via your communication channels and directly to young people you work with to help us get as many answers as possible from young people from Ireland: The deadline to participate in the survey is 9th January 2019.


Are you between 13 and 35 years old? Tell us about your experience searching for information about opportunities abroad and help us improve mobility information. Have you ever thought of participating in an experience abroad, volunteering, au-pairing, studying, training or working? The Eurodesk Survey asks young people all over Europe about their experience searching for mobility information. Eurodesk’s main aim is to provide young people with quality and easily accessible information about international opportunities.  We would like to know:

  • What opportunities are you looking for?
  • Where are you searching / finding your inspiration?
  • What information would you be most interested to receive?

The survey takes around 10 minutes to answer. Those who finish the survey will have the possibility to participate in a draft of 3 gift cards: 1st Prize: 50 EURO gift card at either Amazon, Netflix or iTunes. 2nd and 3rd Prize: 25 EURO gift card at either Amazon, Netflix or iTunes. Competition Rules are that you must finish answering the entire survey, you must agree to participate in the competition and only one entry per person is accepted.

Senior Club Leaders and two Secondary School Teachers from Kildare Town Community School participated in the training day in November. For most of use the internet is a positive addition to our lives, allowing us to keep in touch with friends and family, a source information and access to services. Young people have been born into the internet generation, where it is a way of life for them. But that said, we must be careful how we use the internet or it can become an unsafe place. The Internet safety programmes is designed to empower young people to make informed choices in relation to their online safety. The programme is made up of four learning activity sessions. Designed to be delivered in 4 x 30 sessions or 2x 1 hours sessions. The aims of the Internet Safety Training Day are:

  • To support senior club leaders and teachers to deliver the programme in their club or school, in the area of internet safety.
  • Or alternatively to support a group of young people to learn the skills to deliver the programme to their peers, in the area of internet safety.
  • To explore the tools used in this programme
  • To help young people make the link between the training and its application in their own lives.
  • To empower young people to think about their own behaviour online.
  • To learn how to be safe online and take action quickly if they or others feel unsafe.
  • To empower young people to be safe, effective and autonomous users of the internet for life.

On completion of the Internet Safety training day, all participants received the Internet Safety Trainers Manual, PP, Videos and resource material.  We will be delivering the programme again in the New Year, If you’re interested in attending please contact David Ryan at: [email protected] Further support and information is available from KYS Youth Information Service


The Youth Information Team would like to thank Naas and Clane Youth Projects who we collaborated with on many pieces of work with young people throughout the year. A real example of an integrated service. We hope to continue to develop our integrated approach to the provision of youth information to young people throughout KYS Projects. 


Youth Information Service Programmes and Workshops 

The centre operates under the National Youth Information guidelines, and offers a unique approach to youth information in that the information team strive to animate the information through the development of programme work.


Youth Information Programme Work Includes:

Internet safety initiatives:

  • Internet Safety Quiz and one to one mentoring
  • Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Programmes and Workshops

Internet Safety Programmes aims to educate young people
about the safe use of the internet and social networking. Encouraging young people to have a positive attitude towards the internet and embrace it in a responsible and age appropriate manner.

Creating a better and safer internet for young people.
Through the programme young people learn how to use the internet and social networking safely.
  • Internet Safety Creative Art Programme

  • NEW Everyone is Employable Workshop

Designed for young people actively looking for employment

  • Driver Theory Test Programme Starting again October 2018/2019
  • Young people need to be available from 11am to 4pm once a week over ten weeks (aged 17 to 25)
Related image

The driver theory test programme engaged young people in a positive learning experience. The programme combined practical learning and support through the practice driver theory test CD rom, rules of the road and learning aids. Group work through, workshops, discussions, community awareness, road safety talk by Garda Traffic Corps, team building, relationship building, decision making, communication skills, assertiveness, resolving conflicts and building positive self-esteem. Where young people are prepared and confident in passing the driver theory test. Young participants also have the opportunity at the end of the programme to experience an off road driving lesson, to ultimately become responsible drivers

Other Programme Work Includes:
  • Youth Information Services UPS Road Code Programme

UPS Road Code is a road hazard awareness programme for young people aged 12 to 19 year olds. UPS developed the UPS Road Code programme to share their success on the road with young people.

Due to the success of the Road Code programme in the USA and the UK the UPS Foundation partnered with UK Youth to bring the programme to Ireland through its new partner Youth Work Ireland. UPS are committed to helping young people in Ireland to enjoy a long, safe life on the road, whether as a novice or aspiring driver, a passenger, a moped rider, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service are delivery partners and are the first in Ireland to deliver this programme first in 2016 and recently with young people from Naas, Rathangan and Leixlip youth projects. 

The programme includes 4 road code lessons through workshops, discussions, quiz’s, video’s and using the driving simulator. All young people receive goodie bags and certificated on completion of the programme. 

  • Babysitting Skills Programme

Babysitting Skills Programme is aimed at teenagers aged 14 - 18 who want to begin babysitting or enhance child care skills. Young people learn the skills required to be a responsible babysitter.

The programme uses hands-on activities, videos, quizzes, discussions and role play to help participants learn how to be responsible skilled babysitter.

Programme Content:

Babysitter qualities/responsibilities, basic first aid, basic child care, feeding, playtime and home safety. Discipline, personal & home safety. Job seeking skills.

  • Is Europe for You? Workshops

KYS Youth Information Centre have partnered with VSI a EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending organisation.

EVS offers young people age 18-30 years a fully funded opportunity to volunteer internationally from two months* to one year.

Amazing experience and great career opportunity!

To find out more, 

drop-in, phone or e-mail the YIC
Don't just thinking about it - apply now!

EU flag-Erasmus _vect_POS

The European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS) is an EU funded programme for 18-30 year olds. The programme funds travel, accommodation, food and pocket money as well as preparation, on-arrival training and personal support during the project. Volunteering opportunities are available from 2 to 12 months (shorter periods and extra financial support are available for those with extra support needs e.g. those who have a disability and unemployed people).