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Youth Information Service

Youth Information Service

How to Contact Us!

YIC Opening Times
Monday to Wednesday 11am to 6pm

KYS Youth Information Centre Facebook Page
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Kildare Youth Services works with local communities to deliver quality services with and for young people.

Be Part of It!

What We Do!

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service provide a free & confidential information service to young people, and those who work with them. Catering for 12 - 25 year of age.

The YIC is non-judgemental and free from discrimination.

Are you an early school leaver, out of school looking for a course or help finding a job, want to know your rights or entitlements. Or if you have any question, need help, support or have any issues that you may be struggling with the YIC is the place to come. 

You can drop-in and use the computers & internet access in a safe youth space, supported and supervised by trained staff. 

The YIC works closely with other specialised organisations and services, and will refer young people when necessary to meet their need or solve their problem.

Our Vision: “Young people will have the ability, skill and confidence to use and apply information to become active citizens and to fully participate in society. This process will empower young people to challenge inequality, to advocate for change and build a more democratic, inclusive and prosperous society.”

Rational: In this age of ‘information saturation’ young people are constantly bombarded with information, they need more than ever to be supported to navigate their way.  In an ever changing society youth information helps young people to identify and develop their own resources, skills and strategies enabling them to take their own actions and make their own informed decisions.

Aims & Objectives:                            

  • To provide a free & confidential information service, that is non-judgemental and free from discrimination to meet the needs of children, young people and their family and those who work with them.
  • The YIC is an educational process, through adapting a personalised approach help young people interpret and disseminate information so that they can apply it to their own particular needs and translate it into effective action, empowering young people to make positive life choices. 
  • The YIC support the personal and social development of young people involved and promote the values of equality, social inclusion and respect for all.
  • It is carried out through the provision of a person-centred service, based on the needs of young people.
  • The YIC operates as an integrated part of locally based youth services.


  • Pick up a leaflet
  • Check the notice board for local & national information, local jobs &      accommodation
  • Read local newspapers or magazines including GCN (gay community news)
  • Pick up application forms e.g.  passport application, driving licence, social welfare forms, HSE medical card applications, European Health Insurance Card application form
  • Employment Rights
  • Listing of local employment agencies



  • Finding a course
  • Education
  • Getting a job
  • Travelling at home or abroad
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Personal and family issues
  • Money matters
  • Voluntary work
  • Health and social services
  • Your rights and entitlements
  • And much more……


Computer & Internet Access:

 Free Computer & internet access for students and unemployed                young people aged 12 to 25 year.

In order to access the YIC public Internet Access you are required to complete the KYS Acceptable Use Policy. Young people under the age of 15 years also require parental consent.

    • Only young people over the age of 13 years can access social networking (in-line with social networking membership requirements) 
    • Parental consent is required if under the age of 15
    • Completing the YIC Social networking safety programme is also required in-order to access these sites in the YIC.

           Free printing and photocopying for young people aged 12 to 25            years, if school or work related

Free CV advice and typing service for young people under 25 years of age, if student or employed

If your 25 or under why not contact the Naas YIC where staff can help you compile your CV, your cover letter and give job hunting tips and advice.

Programme Work

The centre operates under the National Youth Information guidelines, and offers a unique approach to youth information in that the information team strive to animate the information through the development of programme work.

Social Networking Safety Programme:

The provide a  Social Networking Safety Programme. Creating a better and safer internet for young people.

Through the programme young people learn how to use the internet and social networking safely.

Cyberbullying Workshops:

The YIC Provide a Cyberbullying Safety Programme for young people. Creating a Safer Internet for young people.

Cyberbullying & Social Networking Safety Programmes aims to educate young people about cyberbullying and the safe use of the internet and social networking. Encouraging young people to have a positive attitude towards the internet and embrace it in a responsible and age appropriate manner.

Babysitting Skills Programme:

Babysitting Skills Programme is aimed at teenagers aged 14 - 18 who want to begin babysitting or enhance child care skills. Young people learn the skills required to be a responsible babysitter.

The programme uses hands-on activities, videos, quizzes, discussions and role play to help participants learn how to be responsible skilled babysitter.

Programme Content:

Babysitter qualities/responsibilities, basic first aid, basic child care, feeding, playtime and home safety. Discipline, personal & home safety. Job seeking skills.

With secured funding the YIC aim to roll out this programme in 2015

DRIVER THEORY TEST PRACTICE CD ROM available to use in the centre

Driver Theory Test Programme

The driver theory test programme engaged young people in a positive learning experience. The programme combined practical learning and support through the practice driver theory test CD rom, rules of the road and learning aids. Group work through, workshops, discussions, visit to driver theory test centre, community awareness, study visits, road safety talk by Garda Traffic, team building, relationship building, decision making, communication skills, assertiveness, resolving conflicts and building positive self-esteem. Where young people were prepared and confident in passing the driver theory test. Young participants also had the opportunity at the end of the programme to experience an off road driving lesson, to ultimately become resoonsible drivers.

I am happy to say all participants passed their driver theory test with near perfect results.

Well Done to All

Printerless Agents for Student Leap Card 

For Full-time Student in Second & Third Level Full-time Studies and Training Courses

The YIC are agents for Student Leap Card

  • Secure Student ID for discounted
  • Travel on Irish Rail
  • Dublin Bus
  • Luas
  • Bus Eireann
  • GAA Student  discounted entry to matches  
The card is not an ID Card, your date of birth does not appear on the card.

Applications forms are available in the YIC and downloadable from

The cost of the card is €10  (no need to provide a passport photo)

Third level students are required to have proof of being a full-time student. (including PLC’s and FAS courses).

The card is also available to second level students. Application forms need to be signed and stamped by your school.
You will receive your card directly by post in four to five postal days

Please visit for further information. 

Euro Desk

The Youth Information Centre are a Eurodesk Relay Centre

About Eurodesk

Eurodesk provides free information on opportunities-such as travelling, working, studying and volunteering in Europe--for young people aged 13 - 30. You can check out any of the sections that you're interested in (for example volunteering) but if there is information that you can't find there, get in contact with us or your local Eurodesk relay, and we'll be glad to help.

We are also part of a large network of European Eurodesk relays, with over 1,200 offices throughout Europe, with headquarters in Brussels. 

Whatever the question, start with us!

 What can Eurodesk do for you?

Eurodesk provides access to European Youth Information On:

Visit the European Youth Portal to find

Information and opportunities for young people across Europe.


Additional Services:


      Information staff are available to speak at schools, youth clubs and community events.

      Provide information stands at schools, local and national youth events.


      The YIC host the Annual KYS Christmas e-card Art Competition in Co. Kildare


on-line applications for the 2016/2017 academic year is now open:

You should make your application online through the Online Grants System (available here) after this date.

Before you make an application, you should have the following information to hand:
  • A valid email address.
  • A valid phone number.
  • Details of any previous third level education.
  • Your CAO number (if relevant)
  • Gross Income details for 2015 for yourself (if any)
  • Gross Income details for 2015 for the relevant members of your household.
  • You will also need to have decided if you are a dependent applicant, a mature dependent applicant or a mature independent. Please click here for more information on choosing the correct category. Please note that any applicant who apply under the wrong category may have to have their application cancelled.
  • PPS numbers for you and your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) (if applicable)
  • Details of dependent persons in your household.

Renewal students will be contacted by SUSI in May with details on how to apply for a renewal of their grant. Renewal students should always log into the Grants Online system with their original user name and password and should contact the SUSI helpdesk if they encounter any issues.

If you have any questions on making your application  Contact the SUSI Support Desk.


Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm
  • Telephone 0761 08 7874


Worth Watching:  SUSI youtube video, which can help you to understand and apply for the SUSI Student Maintenance Grant on-line application. (copy link below)

Youth Information Centre SUSI MENTORING SUPPORT

(Service available to young people aged 25 years and under) 

SUSI Support

 If you are experiencing difficulty completing or accessing the SUSI on-line application process, students can contact the YIC for one-to-one support with making the application.



Youth Information Service

Latest New!

Safer Internet Day 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. It is promoted in Ireland by the PDST Technology in Education and Webwise. The Theme for Safer Internet Day 2018 is “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”. Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 6th. Over 70,000 young people across Ireland joined the celebrations this year.

Youth Information Service Internet Safety Month 2018

For the month of February the YIC annually mark Safer Internet Day by hosting, delivering and sharing our internet safety resources and initiatives with our Groups and Affiliated Clubs

·        Internet Safety Walking Debate

·        Internet Safety Quiz

·        Internet Safety Workshops

·        Internet Safety Creative Art Programme

If you have a group or club who wish to be take part in an internet safety initiative please contact Ger in the Youth Information Service for more information.

For parent and teacher resources go to



This year the public voted for their winners. It seemed to create a greater sense of being part of a wider group of young people who are engaged in the services of KYS.

I was taken back by the amount of support entries received. Newbridge must have been online 24/7

There was a lot of learning from the YIC and we hope to make the competition even better next year. The YIC would welcome feedback on the voting system this year.


I am now delighted to officially announce the winners of the competition

Winner of the age category 15-18 and Overall winner of the Competition for 2017

Congratulations go to:



Cassie will receive a €100 One 4 All Voucher and will become the official KYS Christmas Card for 2017

Winner of the age category 10-14



Nathan will receive a €50 One 4 All Voucher

    We decided to acknowledge and give a prize to the two runners up in each as category

Runner up in the age category 15-18

Congratulations go to:



Christopher will receive a €25 One 4 All Voucher



Runner up in the age category 10-14

Habbibat will receive a €25 One 4 All Voucher



age category 5-9

Eve will receive a certificate of participation






• If you are a young person between 15 and 29

• Whether you have used the youth information service or not, you are invited to take part in the survey

 Your involvement in the research will help to develop a rich, detailed picture of what you do and what you need from youth information services

The evidence created will help KYS Youth Information Service, policy makers and service providers to understand the changing needs and service provision in Ireland.

Closing day of the survey is the: 14th December 2017

Please share to ensure as many young people as possible have the opportunity to take part in the survey.

The survey is part of a larger Erasmus Project on Youth Information involving ERYICA and a number of EU Youth Information partners.

It’s “Time to Move”

Time to Move is a Eurodesk Europe-wide campaign which informs young people and those who work with them about opportunities to work, study, train and volunteer in Europe, as well as provides useful local contacts in the area of Youth and European Information.

 Hundreds of activities await participants in many European countries, including Ireland, from 1 to 31 October 2017; all are free of charge and listed by area on TimeToMove website

 KYS Youth Information Service are inviting you to drop into the centre, phone or email

To Discover Ways to Experience Europe.

 The 2017 TTM edition targets young people (18-30) who do not have access to or do not know about learning mobility projects in Europe. This year’s TTM is especially aimed at young people who may be struggling to find their place in society and for whom partaking in a learning mobility project would be especially beneficial.

 Following Time To Move national events in Dublin in 2015 and 2016 the Time to Move campaign in Ireland will be extended this year to four regions and take place in Dublin-Blanchardstown (3 October), Tipperary (10 October), Ballinasloe (17 October)  and Letterkenny (19 October).  This should allow more participants to attend the events as well as facilitating the networking of organisations at local level.

All regional events will be supported by Léargas/Eurodesk and the National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE)/Euroguidance as a common project, bringing together people working in the youth sector and in guidance counselling.

 The Time to Move events will be open to Youth Information workers, Training Centre Managers, Adult Education Guidance Counsellors and Guidance Information officers, Youthreach Advocates, Jobsclub Guidance Counsellors, Mediators and other organisations working with young people and adults, especially those with few opportunities such as unemployed young people and early school leavers. Participants will receive information on opportunities for young people in Europe, as well as discuss effective ways to support future workers, trainees, students and volunteers in cooperation with relevant local organisations.

 There are many opportunities for young people from Ireland in Europe and the Time To Move events promise be a great opportunity to exchange information and start or enhance meaningful cooperation between Eurodesk multipliers, adult and secondary school guidance counsellors, Youthreach and CTCs, ETB youth officers, INTREO offices, LESN, JobClubs, PLC & FET Guidance, Training Centres, Regional Skills Managers and relevant information networks.

KYS Youth Information Service are celebrating European Youth Week. European Youth Week (EYW) is celebrating the massive contribution young people make to Europe. This year the slogan is ‘Shape it, move it, be it’ The focus of the week is very much on Solidarity and the social commitment of young people. In Ireland there are lots of exciting events being organised both by Léargas and the Eurodesk Ireland Network. So check out what is happening in your area and celebrate European Youth Week from 1-7 May! You can also Contact the KYS Youth Information Service to find out how you can get invloved locally. hashtag #youthweek, #leargas, #Eurodesk

KYS Youth Information Service “Our Europe – Our Future” -  Workshops

The workshop explores what are the barriers to young Irish people not engaging in Erasmus+ programmes, such as EVS. The workshop breaks down the barriers and answers the facts about the opportunities through Erasmus+ Opening up the discussions on Our Europe Our Future. Contact use to get invloved or to find out more!

Youth Work Ireland Week. How are Young People Discriminated Against?. Drop into the YIC and tell your story of Equality #equality17

Are you looking for something to do for FREE over the Easter Holidays? (Aged 12 to 25)

 Why not drop in, phone or email the KYS Youth Information Service and find out what you can get involved in. 
You can use our Public Computers and Internet Access. 
We also have a safe study space, which is supervised by trained staff.

Practice your Driver Theory Test on our driver theory test CD Rom. 

Staff can help your learn the Microsoft Office Suite.

You may be interested in learning to touch type. 

The Youth Information Service CV Prepatation and Interview Skills Programme starts Wednesday the 29th of March 
Venue KYS Youth Information Centre. Time: 5pm to 7pm

If you would like to find out more information about the programme please contact Ger Cronin 

Are you looking for a Job?

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Services have developed a practical skills youth programme which helps young people develop the skills necessary in CV Preparation and Interview Skills to help improve their chances in securing, summer, part-time or full-time work.

If you answer No to the following questions this programme is for you!

Do you have the best CV you can have?

Do you recognise or know your skills?

Can you demonstrate how you have gained these skills?

Do you know what to expect at an interview?

Can you answer the following interview questions?

Tell me about yourself?

Give me an example of when you used your own initiative?

What are your best and worst attributes?

The programme is free of charge for your young people aged between 16 and 25 who are looking to improve their skills to gain employment.

Places are limited, so please book your place before the 10th of March. Drop into the centre or contact KYS Youth Information Service at Canal Stores, Basin Street, Naas, Co. Kildare. Phone: 045 898334 or email [email protected]
KYS Rathangan Youth Project - Youth Group recently took part in the Youth Information Services UPS Road Code Programme.

UPS Road Code is a road hazard awareness programme for young people aged 12 to 19 year olds. UPS developed the UPS Road Code programme to share their success on the road with young people.

Due to the success of the Road Code programme in the USA and the UK the UPS Foundation partnered with UK Youth to bring the programme to Ireland through its new partner Youth Work Ireland. UPS are committed to helping young people in Ireland to enjoy a long, safe life on the road, whether as a novice or aspiring driver, a passenger, a moped rider, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service are delivery partners and are the first in Ireland to deliver this programme first in 2016 and recently with a group of young people from KYS Rathangan Youth Group. In 2017 the programme will be rolled out nationally through UPS partners Youth Work Ireland.

The programme includes 4 road code lessons through workshops, discussions, quiz’s, video’s and using the driving simulator. All young people receive goodie bags and certificated on completion of the programme. Great day and well done to all!

Safer Internet Day 7th February 2017

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service are marking Safer Internet Day (SID) by facilitating a serious walking debate on internet safety for the month of February.

We hope you will mark Safer Internet Safety Day with us by encouraging young people to get involved in learning the importance of being safe online.

The YIC Internet Safety walking debate follows on from the 2016 Youth Information Services SID Internet Safety Quiz, where 123 young people took part in the quiz.

Young people are encouraged to debate their answers on their online safety. It’s a good opportunity for peer learning and assessing the group's thoughts on their online safety.

If your interested in taking part or learning more, please contact Ger in the YIC.

Front Cover Photo 2.PNG


KYS Annual Christmas e-card Competition 2016Capture smaller.PNG

Developments to the competition this year meant the competition was now exclusively open to young people who are engaged in KYS youth projects and affiliated youth clubs.

We also added the art medium of computer generated entries, to be more inclusive of all abilities.

KYS are pleased to announce the winners of the KYS Annual Christmas e-card competition 2016

Congratulations go to:

15/18 Age Category:

Stephen TraversC:\Users\Ger\Downloads\Stephen Travers C4.jpg

Winner in the 15/18 age Category

Ryan Knott  C:\Users\Ger\Downloads\Ryan Knott c2.jpg

Runner-up Winner in the 15/18 age Category

10/14 Age Category:

Erica Roach C:\Users\Ger\Downloads\Erica Roche B5.jpg

Winner in the 10/14 age Category

Paul James John Doyle C:\Users\Ger\Downloads\Paul James John Doyle B20.jpg

Runner-up Winner in the 10/15 age Category

No entries were received in the 5/9 age category.

An overall winner is chosen from the Winners in each age category.

C:\Users\Ger\Downloads\Erica Roche B5.jpg

Congratulations goes to Ericas Roach Overall winner of the competition

Ericas entry becomes the official KYS Christmas e-card for 2016.

Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to all the talented young people who entered the competition. The judge had a difficult task choosing winners.

All entries are displayed in the Youth information Centre for all to view.

Kildare Youth Services

Annual Christmas E-card Competition 2016

& Youth Work Ireland Nolláig

Design a Christmas Card Competition 2016

The competition is about encouraging and rewarding self expression, creativity and imagination among young people engaged in KYS Youth Projects and Affiliated Youth Clubs throughout Co. Kildare.

Entries are invited from young people in the age category

5 - 9, 10 – 14 and 15 – 18.

Closing Date for Entries: Tuesday 8th November 2016

  • All entries must be submitted with entry form to:

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Centre, Canal Stores, Basin Street, Naas, Co Kildare

Ph. (045) 897893 e-mail: [email protected]  website: and find us on

One winner will be chosen from each category. From these winners an overall winner will be chosen which will become the Official KYS Christmas e-card for 2016.

The winners of each age category will receive prizes and certificate

All entries will automatically be entered into the Youth Work Ireland Nolláig Design a Christmas Card Competition 2016. Where entries will have a chance to win at National Level.

YIC Outreach Service

The Youth Information Centre on the road with its Outreach and mobile student leap service.

The YIC visited Naas Community School over a three day period to deliver the YIC mobile outreach and student leap card service. We met over 250 students and issued 14 student leap cards.20161019_101402.jpg

We also brought our service to Comhairle Na Nog AGM. Where we met a lots of young people from across Co. Kildare and issued 63 student leap cards to students attending the event. Well done to Comhairle for organising a great event.

Front Cover Photo 2.PNG


We were very busy right up to Christmas delivering the YIC internet safety programme to 90 young people participating in KYS youth projects in Co. Kildare.

The YIC are the first in Ireland to be trained to deliver an exciting new programme starting this December

UPS Road Code for teens

UPS Road Code is a road hazard awareness programme for young people aged 12 to 19 year olds. UPS developed the UPS Road Code programme to share their success on the road with young people.

Due to the success of the Road Code programme in the USA the UPS Foundation partnered with UK Youth to bring the benefits of programme to young people in Ireland through its new partner Youth Work Ireland. UPS are committed to helping young people in Ireland to enjoy a long, safe life on the road, whether as a novice or aspiring driver, a passenger, a moped rider, a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service are delivery partners and are the first in Ireland to deliver this programme. In 2017 the programme will be rolled out nationally through UPS partners Youth Work Ireland,

The programme includes 4 road code lessions:

Lessions which are made up of workshops, discussions, quiz, video’s and using the driving simulator. All young people receive goodie bags and certificated on completion of the programme.

2016 Eurodesk & YIC National Network TTM (“Time to Move” Campaign)

TTM National Event in Dublin Castle

The national event, celebrated the Europe-wide Eurodesk campaign

"Time To Move". The campaign promotes
mobility opportunities for young people in Europe. The event brought those
in the Youth sector together to:

Reflect together about benefits and challenges
of youth mobility in the current context in Ireland and in Europe

Guest speakers:

Mary Cunningham, National Youth Council of Ireland. Helen Walmsley, Voluntary Service International. James Gonzales, ex-EVS volunteer with Ballyfermot Youth Service. Dr Hilary Tierney, National University of Maynooth. And Dr Patrick Burke, Youth Work Ireland (Moderator)

TTM EU Quiz.jpgTime To Move Youth Information Service Local Events.

TTM EU Table Quiz

The team also presented the EVS (European Voluntary Service)  “Is Europe for You”? Workshop to the Youth Worker Team.

Please contact the YIC for further information or any questions.

Tickets now available for Eurodesk’s “Time to Move” National Event

For further details and to register click here.

Eurodesk Ireland and Léargas are hosting their "Time To Move" event on

11 October 2016 in Dublin Castle. KYS Youth Information Service invites youth workers, guidance counsellors, youth and career officers and everyone working with young people to attend. It is a one-day national event, celebrating the Europe-wide Eurodesk campaign "Time To Move". The campaign promotes mobility opportunities for young people in Europe. The event will bring those in the Youth sector together to:

  • Reflect together about benefits and challenges of youth mobility in the current context in Ireland and in Europe

  • Meet and network with organisations interested in supporting young people in their mobility projects

  • Find out about opportunities for young people to work, train, study and volunteer in Europe

Come and join the discussion, attend the workshops and gather useful information for young people you are working with!

The programme includes the following:

  • Eurodesk Ireland will be launching the new European Voluntary Service video, comprised of interviews with Irish volunteers

  • Guest speakers on the day will be Mary Cunningham (National Youth Council of Ireland), Hilary Tierney (National University of Ireland, Maynooth), Helen Walmsley (Voluntary Service International) and Michael Ward (ex-EVS volunteer with Youth Work Ireland Galway)

  • Discussion will be moderated by Patrick Burke (Youth Work Ireland)

  • The day will also include an information fair and workshops.

This event is a joint initiative of Eurodesk Ireland, Youth Information Services, Europe Direct Information Centres and, in cooperation with Euroguidance. The event is free of charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further details and to register click here.

Check Out Locally What the YIC are doing Locally to Celebrate the "Time to Move" Campaign!

Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Service

Are Celebrating Eurodesk

“Time To Move” Annual Campaign

Week of the 17th of October

"Time To Move" Table Quiz

Testing the knowledge of young people around what they know about Europe. Opening up communication about Europe. Creating a learning opportunity while having fun.

We plan to have some goodies for prizes.

Week of the 24th of October

"Time To Move" Is Europe for You? Workshops

The aim of the workshop is to break down barriers and misconceptions around accessing opportunities for young people in Europe

Drop into the Youth Information Centre to find out more…...


Are you looking for a Volunteering Opportunity?

Climate for Peace Germany Project 2015
European Voluntary Service (EVS) opportunities in Europe are starting in November, Application Deadline is the 5th of October.

Voluntary Service International (VSI) is a sending EVS organisation so if your 18 to 30 and interested in volunteering you can visit to find out more informaton or you can contact Helen directly at [email protected]

VSI have volunteer vacancies in a range of countries with EVS who receive financial support (travel, food/accommodation, pocket money, insurance and back up from VSI etc.) Volunteers will have a great opportunity to develop their skills – practical, social and language as well as experiencing life in a new culture.

EU-funded European Voluntary Service (EVS) vacancies are in France, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Armenia and Greece.

VSI are seeking volunteers for a range of social and community projects in the areas of human rights education, youth and community work, disability support, arts and culture and teaching. Projects start in November 2016 and last from 8 to 12 months. Volunteers receive free accommodation, food, insurance, language training, preparation and in country training + monthly allowance and generous support for travel.

Application procedure: Download the application form on our website and return to VSI by Wednesday 5 October 5.00pm. Volunteers will be interviewed over skype by VSI/the host organisations. Send completed applications forms to Mateja in VSI: [email protected] 
You can also contact the Naas YIC to find out more information on EVS
Good Luck

Following on from the success of the YIC Internet Safety Programmes

The YIC facilitated a two week Summer Internet Safety Creative Art Programme

 The aim of the programme is to empower young people to think about their own online behaviour.  Learn how to be safe online and take action quickly if they or others feel unsafe. 


Internet safety can be a serious topic so we introduced a bit of fun into the summer programme, by incorporating a creative art element.  Where young in the programme had the opportunity in the second week to create a internet safety art mural in the Centre.  Young people created messages of staying safe online from what they had learned from the programme.


They learned lots, had great fun and created a great piece of art they can be very proud of.



Well done to all involved. 


Flying the Coop 2016
Flying the Coop is available from KYS Youth Information Centre for just 50c Drop in and get your copy

This publication is a guide for many of the issues facing students leaving home and going to college for the first time in September. The booklet covers a whole range of topics including: how to deal with the emotional adjustment; moving and finding accommodation; knowing your tenants rights; budgeting and understanding the costs of college; who can provide help when things aren’t always exciting and new.

Flying the Coop has tips and advice from the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), some Student’s Union Officers and it also includes top tips from current Third Level students and from front line professional College Officers. So all the information included comes from people who are the most up-to-date on all things college-related and who have gone through the process that new students are facing.

The big hype about going to college is usually in August when CAO offers are made. While this is a hugely important and busy time, it is really prudent to start planning now before the Leaving Certificate exams are over. Forward thinking Guidance Counsellors and local Parent’s Councils are keen to help students prepare in plenty of time, so we felt this year we should launch Flying the Coop now instead of August."

Win a trip to 

New York City

Limited Draw to 1000 members for monthly VIP Experiences while still providing essential support for the Youth Work Ireland cause.

Times Square, New York, New York

Youth Work Ireland monthly draw. The draw helps fund our many services and helps ensure their continuity
Win great prizes on a monthly basis knowing that you are supporting valuable youth services such as Kildare Youth Services

View details of the super monthly prizes

including a trip to the big apple here.

Youth Work Ireland Week 2016

April 16th - April 23rd


Youth Work Ireland Week, now in its 5th year, will run from April 16th - April 23rd, this year the theme is Mental Wellbeing and throughout the Week we will be highlighting and promoting the positive contribution youth services make in supporting young people’s mental health, particularly around issues of anxiety.

In the Youth Information Centre we are highlighting positive mental health messages. What do you do? or what will you do? to positively improve your mental health. Young people have been discussing and exploring ways to improve their mental health. They have written what they do messages on paper leaves and pinning them to the Nurture Your Mental Health Tree. Helping positive Mental Health to grow.  All welcome to drop-in and participation in the positive mental health activity. The YIC have also a variety of mental health publications you can pick up in the centre.

Call into the YIC to get a copy, e-mail or phone 045 897893. 
Thank you to all that attended the launch. 
Our Vision: KYS strives towards a vision of an inclusive and just society where young people, children and families are valued in their own right as individuals and are positively engaged and supported by their communities and by the wider society to reach their full potential.


Is EVS for You?

KYS Youth Information Centre have partnered with VSI a EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending organisation.
EVS offers young people age 18-30 years a fully funded opportunity to volunteer internationally from two months* to one year.

Amazing experience and great career opportunity!

To find out more, 

drop-in, phone or e-mail the YIC
Don't just thinking about it - apply now!

EU flag-Erasmus _vect_POS

The European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS) is an EU funded programme for 18-30 year olds. The programme funds travel, accommodation, food and pocket money as well as preparation, on-arrival training and personal support during the project. Volunteering opportunities are available from 2 to 12 months (shorter periods and extra financial support are available for those with extra support needs e.g. those who have a disability and unemployed people).


Are you Studying Social Care or Community & Youth Work?

Are you looking for a placement in 2016?

Kildare Youth Services provide opportunities for student’s placement in the Youth Information Centre.

If you are interested in a placement in the Youth Work Sector

please e-mail Ger Cronin Youth Information Co-ordinator at [email protected] please include your CV and placement requirement and dates.

Closing date of interested students is the 4th December 2015. Interviews will take place on the 16th December

For Information on Kildare Youth Services please visit our website:

Kildare Youth Services

Annual Design a

Christmas E-card

Art Competition 2015

Thanks to all the young people from KYS projects, clubs and groups, who entered this year’s Kildare Youth Services Christmas e-Card Art Competition. We received a great variety of styles and artistic talents. It certainly showed what great creative young people we have in Kildare.

The competition was judged on artistic talent and creative expression, making it an inclusive art competition for all levels of ability.

The competition is judged in two categories, KYS entries and Non KYS entries. The two overall winning entries become KYS Official Christmas e-cards for 2015.

Congratulations go to:

Overall KYS Category Winner

Nicole Dunne 

Naas Youth Project          

Overall Non KYS Winner:

Orla Mas-Mollinedo Pipers Hill College

Congratulations also go to KYS Category Winners:

10-14 Age Category:

Athena Fusciardi       Clane Youth Project          Prize winner
Holly Doonan             Leixlip Youth Project          Prize winner
Sarah O' Toole          Kildare Town Youth Project       Prize winner
Rayanna Coleman    
Newbridge Family Resource Centre    
Prize winner

In the 5-9 category only two entries were received and two entries in the 15-18.

A minimum of 5 cards must be received in each age category for the category to be judged. If this minimum is not met, the category will not be awarded.

We have decided to award each entry in these categories a certificate of participation and hope we can encourage more entries in these age category next year.

KYS Category:

5-9 Age Category:

Jake Kelly Naas Youth Project  
Certificate of Participation
Mistaura Abdulagig
Newbridge Family Resource  
Cert of Participation

15-18 Age Category:

Darcy White Kildare Town Youth Project
Certificate of Participation


Congratulations to Non KYS Category Winners.

10-14 Age Category:

Orla Flynn
Prize Winner
Aoife Lawlor
Prize Winner

Abby Cahill                              
Highly Recommended

Jane Naughton
Highly Recommended
Oana Anastase
Prize Winner

15-18 Age Category:

Maria Corr
Certificate of Participation

KYS would like to thank every young person who entered the competition and a big thank you to the youth workers and teachers who worked with young people to encourage them to enter.

All are welcome to drop into KYS to see an exhibition of all competition entries, it may inspire you to enter the competition next year.

KYS would also like to give a big thank you to all the local business who generosity donated prizes for the winners.


Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information announce the “Time to Move” campaign.

KYS Youth Information Centre are inviting you to the “Time to Move” Information drop-in you're also welcome to phone or e-mail. 

Information on opportunities for young people in Europe such as; Studying, Volunteering, Working or Travelling. 

 Time to Move postcard contest

A chance to win a 22 days continuous InterRail train ticket to travel around Europe.

As part of the campaign we are inviting all young people aged 13 to 30 years to take part in the postcard contest to represent Kildare. Postcard designs should be submitted by 4 October 2015. Users will vote for their favourite cards and Eurodesk will select two winners that will receive a 22 days continuous InterRail train ticket.

Young Europeans aged 13 to 30 years are invited to submit their postcard designs by 4 October 2015 via the contest page on Time to Move website or Eurodesk Facebook page. The goal is to collect creative postcards from locations across Europe. Creative techniques such as collaging, drawing, painting, graphic designing, etc. are warmly welcomed.


Visitors are invited to like their favourite cards on the contest page. At the end of the contest, Eurodesk will choose the two best entries from the twenty most liked postcards. The two winners will be awarded a 22 days continuous InterRail train ticket to move around Europe.


The contest is organised by Eurodesk and sponsored by InterRail. It is part of the Time to Move campaign, dedicated to inform young people about useful resources and international mobility opportunities. It takes place from 21 September to 4 October 2015.


For more information:


YIC 2015 Latest News:

Kildare Youth Services Calls For A ‘Yes’ Vote in Marriage Equality Referendum

Kildare Youth Services,  call for a ‘YES’ vote in the forthcoming Marriage Equality Referendum.

 The referendum will be held on 22nd May and Kildare Youth Services are joining Youth Work Ireland, the national youth work organisation and BeLonG To, the national organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people, together with a nationwide coalition of other youth and children’s organisations, in calling on parents to help secure a ‘Yes’ vote.

 Commenting, Tom Dunne, Regional Director of Kildare Youth Services, said: “We are approaching this referendum from the perspective of equality, which is one of the core values of the organisation. While we recognise the validity of different individual viewpoints across the community, as an organisation that promotes and advocates for equality for all young people we will be supporting a ‘YES’ vote. We want to highlight the importance of this referendum for young people and future generations.”

Securing Equality for LGBT Young PeopleBeLong To Yes, the largest national coalition of youth and children’s organisations calling for a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum on May 22nd, gathered outside the GPO in Dublin on Tuesday to launch their Yes campaign posters. Photograph: Julien Behal/Maxwell Photography   “Securing marriage equality is hugely important for LGBT young people, in particular,” said Michael Barron of BeLonG To.  “Too many LGBT young people experience difficult times growing up and know they don’t enjoy equal rights.  If marriage equality is not passed, we reconfirm to them that their all too common experiences of homophobic bullying and rejection are acceptable in Ireland.  This would be a devastating outcome. 

 “Many LGBT young people don’t have a voice because they’re still too young to vote but the outcome of this referendum will deeply affect their lives.  They really want their parents and older relatives to campaign for and vote ‘yes’.”

EPIC Film Launch

 "Bring Your Family With You" Film Launch

Kildare Youth Services Calls For A ‘Yes’ Vote in Presidential Candidates Age Referendum

 Kildare Youth Services, has today (13/05/15) called for a ‘YES’ vote in the forthcoming referendum on reducing the age for Presidential Candidates.

 The referendum will be held on 22nd May and Kildare Youth Services are joining Youth Work Ireland, the national youth work organisation, in calling for a ‘Yes’ vote.

Commenting, Tom Dunne, Regional Director of Kildare Youth Services, said: “We believe the second referendum on the age to be a candidate for President has received no real attention from amongst the political establishment. We are getting behind the Youth Work Ireland Campaign which consists of a number of online posters highlighting the calibre, ability and achievements of some well-known under 35s who could not currently be candidates using the hashtag “#not2young”.



 European Youth Week took place from the 27th April to 10th May 2015 in all countries of the Erasmus+ Programme to celebrate and promote youth activities.  In Ireland, Youth Information Centres, Youth Councils and Europe Direct Information Centres in association with Eurodesk are hosting a series of events during the week from a variety of locations.

 All these professional information providers simultaneously facilitation a variety of interesting and interactive events for the duration of European Youth Week. The events being provided include:

 Erasmus+ and European Voluntary Service (EVS) will offer young people an opportunity to find out how they could get involved; tell them about the application processes and potential opportunities available.

 European Quizzes:  A chance to test your knowledge of European issues.

Information on Working, Studying, Volunteering or Travelling in Europe: will offer people the chance to get informed in aspects of youth involvement and opportunities through Eurodesk.

For more information contact Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Centre, Canal Stores, Basin Street, Naas, Co. Kildare Tel: 045 897893 or e-mail [email protected]

OR visit Tel: 01 -872 2394

European Opportunities Information talk to Comhairle Na Nog Youth Group

Young  People taking part in European Youth Quiz in the YIC


Youth Work Ireland Week in the YIC

The Youth Information Centre (YIC) took part in Youth Work Ireland Week 2015. The themed activity was Hear Us Now!  

Hundreds of young people in member youth services and clubs, across Ireland took part in Hear Us Now! Workshops. 20150413_170612.jpg

The aim of the workshops were to create a space for young people to express their views and opinions on what matters to them in Ireland today and to have the opportunity to have these views heard at the Youth Work Ireland’s Political Briefing    that took place April the 22nd.    

Young people from Leixlip YP, Clane YP and the YIC took part in these workshops. The YIC facilitated two youth groups from the YIC. Young people discussed and agreed the issues that are important to them and came up with solutions to them. They created microphones and wrote their issues and solutions on them. The groups also made a video of their issues. Their video was uploaded to the YIC and YWI facebook page. Visit to view.20150409_153541.jpg

The groups sent their microphones to YWI. The YWI national office identified the top 3 issues submitted across it services.

Three Key Asks Hear Us Now pic.jpg

Support publically and vocally a YES vote in the Referendum on the Presidential Voting Age.

Support the role of the voluntary sector as the prime provider of youth work in Ireland,                                         consistent with the 2001 Youth Work Act.

    Ensure active student councils in every school     and in time ensure students on School Boards     of Management.

The issue of most concern to the majority of young people, who took part in Hear Us Now, was school/education and this ranged from less school hours, no uniforms, having more say in the curriculum, more teachers, more counselling services, more information on the links between subject choice and career. The education issue formed one of

Junior Group Hear Us NOw.PNGSenior Group Hear Us Now.PNG

Youth Work Ireland’s key asks at the Political Briefing which was attended by over 80 TDs & Senators and 4 Ministers.

The issues were displayed at the Political Briefing and was given to the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, James Reilly.

Hear Us Now.PNG

All the clubs and projects that took part in Hear Us Now workshops and uploaded a video were entered into a draw for a €400 cash prize. Drum roll!  The lucky winners were the young people from the Youth Information Centre.

Congratulations and well done to the groups and all the young people who took part in workshops in their youth projects.Hear Us Now YIC Window Display.jpg

Youth Work Ireland Week

YIC Window Display of all KYS Youth Groups Hear Us Now! Workshop Issues and Solutions

Register to Vote 

The YIC are encouraging all young people to register to VOTE. If your not sure if your registered or not you can just check the register online. 
You can pick up an application form from the YIC now or....
Download the Form (copy & paste link)…/RFA2_English_Form.pdf 
Complete it & have it signed & stamped at your local Garda Station
Post or Drop it into the Kildare County Council it to arrive by 17.00 on Tuesday May 5th.

120,000 young people across the country are not registered to vote. Please encourage everyone you know to check the register online to ensure they can vote on May 22nd.

The deadline to register to vote is next Tuesday May 5th, with the bank holiday weekend it's really important to register before the weekend!


Flying the Coop 2015 3.PNG

Flying the Coop 2015 Edition - Don’t leave home without It!

The must have guide to living away from home and going to college.

In the current financial recession, going to college now also poses an even bigger challenge in financial terms to both students and parents alike. This has been reflected in the increase in applications for hardship assistance, those presenting for counselling support for stress due to financial difficulties and also the drop-out rate. An increase has also been noted in the numbers of students opting to commute from home to help reduce costs; also increased are those opting for accommodation in Student Residences, where utility bills are included up front thereby easing the worry of budgeting.

Despite this, leaving home to go to College remains a time of transition that is also filled with excitement and great opportunities, new learning, new friendships and the first steps towards a new career.

As with most transitions, things can be made easier with preparation and having vital information. Towards this end, Flying the Coop booklet is aimed at informing and guiding students through the process of leaving home and living independently, primarily with College in mind.

Flying the Coop provides a wealth of information on subjects such as

•             Making the Adjustment

•             Accommodation Hunt

•             Tenants’ Right

•             Cost & Budgeting

•             Health

•             Helpful Contacts

 Flying the Coop is a publication of Youth Work Ireland, Roscommon NE, Galway and costs only 50c.

You can pick up your copy from Kildare Youth Services, Youth Information Centre

Internet Safety

The YIC have been busy delivering the Social Networking Safety Programme to Clane Youth Project Homework Group. The group are also taking part in the Super Selfie Competition. A great group of young people, doing great work.

The YIC are supporting Safer Internet Day on the 10th February 2015. Starting the 10th of February the YIC are hosting Social Networking Safety Workshops and Presentation for young people who are members of our Public Computer & Internet Access and KYS Youth project groups. "Lets create a better internet together" 

If your between 12 and 25 years, a student or unemployed, why not drop into the YIC and sign up as a member of our free Computer & Internet Access and join us in support safer internet day on the 10th of February.

Drop into the YIC over the next three weeks, complete the YIC Social Networking Safety Workshop or Presentation and enter the 
#UP2US Super Selfie competition and be in with a chance to win a prize. You can use the YIC camera phone and selfie stick to take your photo. It will be great fun. If your under 18 we require a photo consent form to be signed by a parents or guardian. Drop in and find out more!!!!! 

The YIC will have some goodies to give away to young people who complete the Social Networking Safety Workshops or Presentation next week. When there gone there gone!

Kildare Youth Service, Youth Information Centre attended the County Kildare Integration Strategy Launch

The Mayor and Members of Kildare County Council, 

In association with County Kildare LEADER Partnership, 
The launch took place at Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas.

The strategy was launched by Minister of State Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Department of Justice and Equality and Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht with special responsibility for Equality, New Communities and Culture.

The Minister was very interested in the work KYS do with young people towards social inclusion.

The Integration Strategy framework for Co. Kildare has been designed to be able to monitor integration through a number of indicators within each of following areas - education, enterprise, active citizenship and social inclusion. The Integration Strategy focuses on Non-Irish Nationals and individuals with Non- Irish background.

A BIG THANK YOU for you support!

A representative from Tesco Extra Naas presented Rachel from the YIC with a cheque from the Tesco Community Fund. A big that you to Tesco and all the community who put their blue tokens into the YIC tubs. All funds will go towards providing services and programmes for young people in County Kildare.

Thank you to all those who put their blue token into the YIC tube. 


A cheat sheet for life

The Survival Guide aims to help you navigate the difficult challenges in life, whether at home, in school, at college or in work. The book contains information on dealing with lots of different issues including; mental health problems, exam stress, finding a job, sexual health, alcohol & drugs, healthy living, bullying and much more.

You can drop into the YIC and pick up your free hardback copy!

Are you under 18 and live in Kildare? are you LGBT or Friends of LGBT?
 Kildare's LGBT Youth Group would like to invite Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Friends of LGBT to drop-in this Saturday and check out our new group.

Kildare Youth Services with the guidance and support of BeLonG To Youth Services, the national organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans young people in Ireland.

The KLGBT Youth Group is open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans young people, their friends and young people who might be questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. The group will offer a mix of one-to-one and group supports to young people attending as well as an exciting programme of activities. 

Speaking at the announcement today, Maura Littlewood, North Kildare Coordinator with Kildare Youth Services said "We're delighted to announce the opening of KLGBT within Kildare Youth Services, for many years LGBT young people in Kildare have had to commute to the city centre in Dublin to access support, information and advice. We're very thankful for the support of BeLonG To in helping us to open an LGBT youth group locally."

KLGBT support young people to be themselves, develop new skills and grow as individuals. The group will operate from Kildare Youth Services on Basin Street in Naas (opposite Naas Library). 

David Carroll, Director of Services with BeLonG To, said on the announcement of "KLGBT. LGBT Youth Group to be established in Ireland as part of our National Network of groups. We're extremely thankful to Kildare VEC, Kildare Co. Council, the Kildare LGBT Group,  and the Community Foundation for Ireland for their ongoing and continued support in helping to get this vital community support in place." 

Find out more about the group online: BeLonG To or KYS