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Naas Child and Family Project

      Who Are We?

  • The Naas Child and Family Project is part of Kildare Youth Services and in partnership with the HSE is providing a community based Family Support Service to parents and children in Naas since 1999.
  • The project works in a holistic way to strengthen family relationships and well-being. NCFP promotes a more equal and inclusive society in partnership with children and families, the local community and other agencies.
  • Children are supported to reach their potential and to value themselves within their own families and communities. Parents are essential in making this happen for their children.
  • A range of therapeutic and community supports are offered to parents to support them in all aspects of their parenting.
  • The Naas Child and Family Project focuses on improving the overall quality of life of parents and children.
  • Referrals can be made by families themselves or an agency can refer on their behalf i.e. G.Ps, Public Health Nurses, Schools etc


Who is the service for?


The Naas Child and Family Project provides a free service to families who live in Naas town, Sallins village and Johnstown village and / or to children and their families who attend Naas Schools who may have needs in one or more of the following areas:


·         Parenting

·         Attachment

·         Challenging Behaviour

·         Emotional needs

·         Communication

·         Peer relationships

·         Low self esteem

·         Schooling

·         Separation and Loss

·         Other issues that may impact on family life and the welfare        of children


Services Provided:


        We offer a number of Therapeutic supports which include:

·         Positive Parenting

·         Marte Meo

·         Therapeutic Family Interventions

·         Managing Challenging Behaviour

·         Therapeutic play

·         Developmental Assessment

·         Positive Relationship Building

Information for families and referrers on the referral process

  • A Referral Committee will manage the referrals of families to the project. 
  • The Referral Committee includes the Principal Social Worker of the HSE, a School Principal and the Project Leader.  They will meet at least five times a year and when need determines.

  • All referrals to the project must be in writing and a project referral form must be completed.  When completing the referral form please give details of all children in the family, not just the referred child.  Please ensure that all contact details are provided and that correct and up to date phone numbers are written clearly on the referral form under section 2 (family details).

  • The referral form must be signed by the referring agent and by the family being referred.  In line with best practice we would encourage referring agents to complete the referral form together with the family being referred.

  • In the event that a family is self-referring to the project they can complete a referral form.  If the family requires help in completing the form they can arrange to meet the Project Leader who will assist them in completing the form.  Please phone 045-898623 for an appointment.

  • Detailed information about the family is required from the referring agent or family in order to make an informed decision as to the suitability of the referral.  Please answer all questions and give as much information as possible about the reasons for referring.

  • Where possible it is important to get both parents and or guardians / carers to sign the referral form.  In the event of both parents having joint custody, both parents must sign the form.

  • Once the form has been completed please send it to the Project Leader.

  • The Project Leader presents the referral to the referral committee.

  • The referral committee will discuss the referral and agree if it is suitable for the service.

  • If the referral is accepted both the referring agent and the family will be notified in writing by the Project Leader of the decision.  The family will be placed on the Links Team and will receive a minimum of monthly contact from the Links Worker while awaiting full allocation.

  • Should the referral not be considered, some recommendations may be made by the referral committee to refer the family on to another service.

  • More information may be requested from referring agents in the unlikely event that a referral form does not provide adequate information.

Quotes from parents

  •          “My son arrived to NCFP a very anxious and shy boy with low self-esteem. Since leaving NCFP I now have a very different child. He is more outgoing. He discusses his problems with his parents. He is getting along much better with his siblings, especially his older brother who he had problems with before. In summary I have a different child in my house and in school and more importantly a much happier child and I have NCFP to thank for that.”  


  •          “I think NCFP is doing a brilliant job and should be advertised more to let parents know that they are not alone when dealing with family issues.”


  •          “We wish to state that the staff of NCFP has been committed, helpful, professional and very caring while working us through our family problems. It has resulted in real change for the better in our family life. We were introduced to other agencies who all tried to help our situation but NCFP made a real difference and it was the only agency that cared enough and gave us the time we needed to advance us to a much better family life.”


  •          “NCFP worked side by side with me and didn’t judge me”


  •   “The NCFP service is very good and important in the community. We didn’t know what to do until we met with our NCFP worker. All information she provided to us was helpful and we are much more confident as parents now.”
      • The one to one home visits were a great support. The qualities of listening and empathy were very strong from the Project Worker. “


      • “I was able to move from a place where I considered my children to be the problem to realising that I was also part of the problem and therefore part of the solution.”


      • “I was always amazed at the amount of preparation work that the Project Worker did before meeting with me. Her attention to detail was great. It really made me feel important. Her written notes and articles were very useful”.


      • “Simple strategies helped to address complex issues”.


      • “I will contact the project for advice in the future if I need to………hopefully I won’t have to”.


      • “Our project Worker guided us gently to solving our own problems when we didn’t think we had the answers”.


      • “We learnt something new at every session and achieved something, even small things”.


      • “As a man I found the use of family mapping and family genograms particularly helpful.  It was good to visually see the patterns in my own family and to acknowledge what needed to change in my own parenting style. There was great learning in this for me”.


      • “They worked side by side with me. They never judged me and gave me so much support.”


    • “At no time did I ever feel that my opinion or view didn’t matter. It was a joint effort and I was given the help and tools to be a better parent.”


    • “You gave me strength when all I could see were my weaknesses. You helped me more than you could ever know. I thank God for sending you my way.”

Naas Child and Family Project

Unit 39 First Floor

Naas Town Centre

Dublin Road


Co. Kildare

Telephone: 045-898623

Fax: 045-881987

Email: [email protected]

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