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The Halo Project

Under 18's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service
Catchment area: County Kildare & West Wicklow

Drop In Service


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The Halo Adolescent Treatment Service for Substance Misuse is now offering a drop-in service to anyone who would like to know how to help a family who may be experiencing substance misuse or who may have concerns regarding any young person with substance use behaviours.

Halo drop-in service can be accessed by simply walking through our door. 

Halo staff will be here to assist you by providing information and advice, to take a referral 

or to direct you to other services that you may need.

Drop-in service

Tuesday’s    10am -12pm

Thursday’s 3pm – 5pm

 The Halo Project has an open referal policy, this means that anyone can refer a young person to our service
this can be done by calling us: 
045 872500


emailing us:
 Email:   [email protected]

 Address: Naas Town Centre, Second Floor, Unit N5
                                                  Wolftone House, Wolftone Street 
                                                             Naas. Co. Kildare

for information or advice please call
Halo Administrator - Debbie Tel:
045 872500

Opening hours: 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Our service  is free and confidential, to help any  young person who wants help with their substance use. 

Why you might come

  • help stop taking drugs or alcohol, 
  • reducing your use 
  • Manage your use 
  • Just learn a little more about your substance use. 

It doesn't matter why you have come true the door, we’re just glad you did!!! 

Every young person is welcomed, respected and not judged 

  So whats it really like???


First someone, your parents, someone who works with you and cares about you gets in contact with us. We get some basic info from them (your age, where your from what YOUR concerns are.) we try to organise an appointment for you as soon as we can. 


After you and your family meet with us and if you have decided that you would like to do some work with us, we do what is called an assessment (not a test or anything like that). This is a chat to help us get to know you a little better and get an idea of how particular substances are affecting different parts of your life - your relationships with your family and friends your education and so on… 

Care Plan

After the assessment, together we start to make a plan about how we’re going to help you work on ways to improve your life. This is a plan you’re fully involved in - along with your family and anyone else we all feel can help you reach your goal. 



HALO stands for 



Learn and 


Substance Misuse.

The HALO Project is a free confidential service that supports young people with problematic drug / alcohol misuse.

Something to think about!!!

substance use can affect loads of aspects of our lives...
different aspects of our lives can affect our substance use...

what we can do to help?

we offer:

· Information and advice

· Education on substance misuse

· Individual counselling

· Family sessions

· Advocacy & referal

· Comprehensive care plan

· Consultation with other services

· Harm reduction model

  • anger managemnt



The HALO Project has an open referral policy - please get in contact if you have any concerns about yourself or a young person!

A young person can be referred by:

· Themselves

· Their GP

· Their Parents

· A concerned Adult

· An Agency

· Other services

Support for Parents / carers

HALO recognises the value and importance of family involvement in their young person’s difficulty with substance misuse. But parents need support too…

With this in mind, The HALO Project offers Information and support to parents and families of young people.

We run a substance misuse information and awareness programme specifically for parents / carers

  • to provide information on alcohol and drugs
  • to help you find ways to support your adolescent to find healthier ways to cope and enjoy life rather than use alcohol or drugs
  • to help identify your stress and find ways to help you cope