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Kildare Youth Services strive towards a vision of an inclusive and just society where young people children and families are valued in their own right as individuals and are positively engaged and supported by their communities and by wider society to reach their full potential.


To support young people, children and families in Co. Kildare & West Wicklow to enable them to live a full and active life withy

Clane Youth Project currently run groups from 10 to 17 years old.

Groups allow young people from all ages to engage with others and be involved with programmes, where they learn new skills, get information, and meet new people or just to hang out and play some games.This is run different days for different groups.

Pre stepping stones group provide young people who are in 6th class a safe place for them to meet new people and get support in their transition to secondary school on Mondays after school.

Programmes and supports the young people can engage in:-
  • School Transition Support

  • Alcohol & Substance Use Programmes

  • Anti-Bullying Programmes

  • Anti-Racism Programmes

  • Sexual Health Awareness

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Leadership Team Building Peer Pressure

  • Team Building

  • Peer Pres

  • Team Building

  • Peer Pressure

  • Crime PreventioS

SUMMER TRIP TO AVON RI                                        

Clane Youth Project is a community-based project that provides a range of development and learning opportunities and services for young people in Clane. They are provided for and with young people, their families and communities to be responsive to their changing needs. 

We use a Youth Work approach working with Young People aged 11 – 25 years in recreational and educational programmes in a group setting. 

Through appropriate youth work models, the project offers young people the opportunity to engage in youth group work, which focuses on various issues that affect young people's lives. Through activities such as art, music, drama, games and other group work, young people build relationships both with youth workers and their peers.

Youth projects aim to provide a forum for young people to identify and address issues affecting their lives in a positive way through group work, especially if young people are not otherwise engaged in other local clubs/activities.

The Project is managed by KYS, which is the county's regional youth services which provides support to children, young people and their families across the county.

What do we do?                                                 

We run programmes such as: 

· Drugs and alcohol 
· Sexual health                                                                         
· Mental health 
· Suicide 
· Relationships 
· Cookery programmes                                                                 
· Team Building 
· Art 
· Healthy lifestyle 
· Junior and Adult leadership programme 
· Stepping stones programme to support young people in 6th class making the transition from 6th class in primary school to Secondary school. 
· We also provide one to one support for various issues coming up for young people involved in the project. 

The Stepping Stones group is a group of 12 -14 young people who are currently in 6th class and will be making the transition from primary school to secondary school. Stepping Stones is a programme that is run over one week of the summer. It is a programme that recognises and encourages the importance of combining school-based supports and community-based supports for young people at this key phase in their development. 

The Stepping Stones summer camp is run to: 

· Make the transition from primary school to secondary school easier for young people. 
· Establish a new group into the project. 
· Ensure young people seek support with any issues moving to secondary school. 
· Address the fears and concerns young people have about moving to secondary school. 
· Develop self-confidence, self-esteem, decision making and peer support amongst the participants. 

Pre stepping stones runs on Mondays  from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in Clane Youth Project. 
We offer support for Young People to get some homework done and then we have some relaxing time. 
Give us a call if you know a Young Person that may be interested. 


Click on the poster above to find out more about our new LGBT Group



Volunteers are of vital importance to the project and are involved in all aspects of the work. The project recruit, train and support volunteer youth leaders as well as facilitate student placements.

If you want to find out more about becoming involved with the project please contact us on the details below.



If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact either

Kevin Vaughan

Project Assistant

[email protected]

Jacinta Maguire

Project Assistant

[email protected]

JOYCE BRENNAN                                                                                                            

Team Leader

[email protected]

087 050 7053