The KYS mission is as follows

KYS is a voluntary organisation. It provides a range of development and learning opportunities and services throughout County Kildare. These are provided for and with children, young people, their families and communities to be responsive to their changing needs.

5 Strategic Objectives of Kildare Youth Services:

These five strategic objectives articulate what Kildare Youth Services hopes to accomplish by 2013. They focus on the outcomes and impact that KYS want to achieve as a result of its services and activities.

    1. Support the personal and social development of children and young     
        people in Co. Kildare.

    2. Strengthen equality and social inclusion of children, young people, their         
        families and communities.

    3. Support children and young people to positively promote their rights.

    4. At local, regional and national levels, advocate for social change in favour
        of children, young people, their families and communities.

    5. Strengthen our organisational management and development to ensure     
        effective delivery of this Plan.

Kildare Youth Services Guiding Principles:

Kildare Youth Services will achieve these objectives through the effective use of the resources of the organisation i.e. the Board of Directors, the staff team, volunteers and young people. In doing so we will be guided by the following principles:

  • Through the voluntary engagement of young people and volunteers
  • By supporting children and young people to identify and challenge inequality
  • By showing equal respect to all individuals and social groups we work with, promoting social diversity, and working to overcome barriers that cause inequality and social exclusion.
  • By strengthening our commitment to professional standards through engagement in quality frameworks, assessment, training and development
  • Through working with parents and families of children and young people and their local communities.
  • Through strengthening our collaboration, co-operation and association with a range of  statutory, community and voluntary bodies
  • Through the development of an integrated service approach that enhances the benefits and outcomes that children, young people, staff and volunteers gain from participation in KYS.

                Kildare youth Services Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012 (link to be inserted)